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100% Pure Merino Wool Felt

I love working with pure Merino Wool Felt, it lovely to work with and the edges don’t fray so when using them to applique small projects there is no need to stitch completely around each piece.  I often only stitch in the middle of a piece and leave the edges raw which gives more of a 3 Dimensional look

I have been asked why should I use wool felt when acrylic is cheaper.  Acrylic might be cheaper and this makes it great for children to use for their craft projects, however if you are going to put a lot of time into making a soft toy or other project you want it to last.

Below are the benefits of wool as I see it.

Benefits of Wool Felt
Wool is soft but durable

Won’t go as fuzzy as Acrylic felt

Doesn’t Pill

The fibres are stronger and more tightly woven than acrylic which means when you are stuffing a toy the stitching isn’t likely pull out.

Stain Resistant

Water Resistant

Fire Resistant which I think is very important when making toys for children

This is a natural sustainable resource and breaks down when discarded in landfill

The brand of wool felt we sell is made from Australian wool which means we are all supporting Australian Farmers

Our felt is suitable to use in the Brother Scan n Cut machines

Most importantly it is available in 96 colours so we should have a colour to suit most projects.

We can also get larger pieces if needed

I hope this has given you food for thought

Happy Stitching