Freight Charges

Postage/ Shipping

Postage is charged at Australia Post rates 
Additional charges apply if you require your parcel to be registered. International orders please select the correct region for shipping at the checkout 

Patchwork at The Bay Window ships all orders within 2 business days of receiving payment.

The easiest way for us to set the postage on the website has been to have it linked with the  number of $$$'s you have spent with postage within Australia capped at $15 which means the bigger the order the more you save on postage.

When ordering only 1-2 patterns these go out as a large letter and the postage is minimal.

We do however have a few product categories which have small items but bulky and the only way we have been able to include these items on the website is to have a postage override built into them.  For example 1 ball of Valdani thread is $8 but the postage for this 1 ball is $8 ridiculous but that is the way our postage system works. 

If you purchase other items this is not an issue as the one postage charge will cover it all.  In fact you can purchase as many threads as will fit in a 500gm satchel(20??) and the charge remains $8 postage for all of them.

But the website isn't smart enough to acknowledge that you have already been charged the override postage amount for these items(Valdani, Simplicity, Sewline, Cozy Wool Flannel) and will charge you again at the checkout the normal postage amount dependant on the $$$'s spent. 
To fix this if you have been overcharged postage at the checkout we will refund postage back into your account when we process the order.

Postage is only affected on the items with a postage override,  Orders that don't include these items are not affected.

I hope this is clear, if you have any queries or prefer to look at the items on the website then place your order by calling me on 0885532740 we are happy to process your order in this way.

Our maximum postage charge within Australia regardless of the cost of the order is $23


Payment on this website can only be made by visa or mastercard.  If you wish to pay by direct deposit or money order you will need to contact me by email or phone on 0885532740